Silvia owns a beauty parlor in downtown San Isidro de Heredia. She is a 40 year old hard working woman that is thinking about her future, and her children´s future. She is highly self motivated and nothing will stop her from what she wants.

One day Silvia came to me with the idea of building some nice apartments to rent that could help her payoff her retirement.Her backyard is located downtown San Isidro that allows her to build many square meters in such a small piece of land, due to it´s urban situation. There are not so many lots offering this oportunity in San Isidro, the local Plan Regulador is very resrictive when it comes to footprint size and constructed area limits.

So she went to bank, got a loan and with my help we started to build her dream. This is how it looks now, we are almost there! Silvia is excited now because with approximately with 80K  she is the proud owner of 4 simple, cozy, with natural light and properly ventilated apartments.

April 24th 2011: Excavation ongoing

July 29th 2011: back facade almost ready, 80% completion of the project 

May 16th 2011: metal work ongoing.

August 4th 2011: color tests and a beautiful day!




September 8th 2011: Apartments finished!



  1. Sue Reynolds said:

    Hey Gloriana: Great progress….have you encountered any problems with this torrential rain?? We currently have our house for sale and will probably do an “economy” project after the sale. I am thinking a duplex…two stories probably to save total costs. So I love that you will bring in these four units for $80K. How many square feet in the total project?? Thanks and loving being able to follow your new work!

    • Hi Sue! we had only minor problems like a small leak through the rubber retaining wall, it was to be expected, water needs a way out! Fortunately it was designed in way that storm water is channeled underneath the whole building, that’s why it’s elevated from the ground. 1463 square foot in total, I will provide more info soon, it has been raining so much that I haven’t been able to take great pictures..coming soon though.Thanks for following :). By the way, show me your design, maybe I can come up with suggestions. take care.

  2. sue reynolds said:

    Hi Gloriana: Can we communicate p.m.? I would like to open a dialogue about our possible project! Thanks

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