What is Gloriana working on right now?

My client Peter  from New York,  decided to follow the construction process of his home I designed. He changed the cold and snow for tropical weather and grilled fish, while involving directly during all construction stages. Unless you hire professional assistance with proven experience, it makes it easier for architectural inspectors like me to keep track of everything that goes on at all times.That makes  this process a more open and clear one for all parts of the team. Construction can be complex, specially in such a place like Puerto Viejo, where culture, distance and construction methods represent a challenge to whoever that’s not a local.

IMG_1612 Building in Puerto Viejo: living room view from terrace with metal truss to achieve longer column spans.

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Very eye catching, simplistic and elegant proposal

Option 1 White Tpo fascia



Option 2 copper fascia


Option 3 aged aluminum fascia

So in the tropics, you must be cautious with the aesthetics you want for your project. As my clients Oumi and Urs from Switzerland said, “we are not in Ibiza, we are in Costa Rica” .That means that you may want to select materials that are low maintenance and colors that blend with Nature. Of course we all loved the first option but it is up to the client to decide which strategies benefit both their pockets and needs. I will provide all the elevations options and will guide you to take the decision that best suits you. Read More


build in UvitaAfter 6 months of construction , this is how the Singer’s residence looks like in Uvita, Costa Rica. This modern single family home follows a tropical house plan of  300 square meters at a cost of $1,150  ( a thousand one hundred and fifty american dollars) per square meter approximately so far. It has a primary structure of poured concrete, exterior concrete block  walls and USG brand drywall interior walls. The project counts also with a pool that is 2,65 meters by 11 meters long and a 36 square meter garage on the back. Open views and cross ventilation everywhere are the major tropical features that clients approved to improve their idea of their retirement home in Costa Rica. We expect this house to be ready on march 2015. Modern architecture in Costa Rica and passive strategies are applied  here, drop a line of you want to visit!

I am working on this tropical modern project, and the owner and I would like to hear about your opinion on colors. Which one you like the best? White metal facade? Silver metal facade? or slate gray facade? Please fill the form below.

Silver Option

Slate gray option

White option

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When I was asked by John Kettlewell to design his house in Escazu, I started wondering what would be the best solution for his lot’s specific situation: get the best view and moving not too much earth. Not only for budget proposals but thinking about sustainability too.This scale model really helped me to figure it out. It is an old school technique that I believe every great architect may still use , despite the advanced technology available to us. I could almost feel and touch the shapes of the ground and was able to model them more accurately and more comfortable than with a 3d software!

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I was recently hired by Cafe de los Deseos, a downtown hip but informal restaurant-cafe to do interior architectural design. The rest of the decoration was done by the owners,three creative costarican graphic designers who decided to leave their jobs at multinational companies to follow a dream.

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Hello from Costa Rica! I am proud to show this schematic design for Noel Jansen’s house at Las Olas Beach Community, Esterillos Costa Rica.
This design features stone retaining walls, steel frame building and wood columns, drywall and wood finishes.
A contemporary but cozy environment was generated by designing with nature: main views, natural terrain conditions, catch of natural breeze, correct orientation to catch and evacuate rain water are just a few of sustainable features of this house.
Building coming soon!

Hello from Costa Rica! Glad to present an example of an initial architectural project phase. This is what I call concept design, and is part of schematic design or “anteproyecto”.

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As I continue seeing the lack of urban planning and real care on social, cultural, and ecological subjects by the local government of Jacó area, I still believe I can contribute to a more honest tropical architecture. A good start is that my potential clients, believe in not having AC on the project. The lots visited actually have great constant breeze coming from the ocean at day, and coming from the mountain at night. And this is actually a very important step to follow, since this will eventually be one of the most important factors that will define a preliminary concept for a home. It will actually define the whole architecture itself !
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