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2015-03-28 08.44.06While traveling all around Costa Rica following my client’s special sites for building their homes in the tropics, I can’t help but to learn from vernacular architecture. In few words, what people do for themselves based on the empirical process. Read More


build in UvitaAfter 6 months of construction , this is how the Singer’s residence looks like in Uvita, Costa Rica. This modern single family home follows a tropical house plan of  300 square meters at a cost of $1,150  ( a thousand one hundred and fifty american dollars) per square meter approximately so far. It has a primary structure of poured concrete, exterior concrete block  walls and USG brand drywall interior walls. The project counts also with a pool that is 2,65 meters by 11 meters long and a 36 square meter garage on the back. Open views and cross ventilation everywhere are the major tropical features that clients approved to improve their idea of their retirement home in Costa Rica. We expect this house to be ready on march 2015. Modern architecture in Costa Rica and passive strategies are applied  here, drop a line of you want to visit!

My friend Pagsi wants to build 2 apartments, 2 bedroom each in a 300 sm lot in Santa Ana area. This is a populated zone where the opportunity for rental income is high, so building her own loft and having an additional one to rent is just a great idea of a stress free life for a yoguini.

Tropical Contemporary Urban Oasis in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Tropical contemporary loft option in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

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When Christia Madacsi, from Centro y Sur magazine interviewed me, I traveled with my mind to my former years in college, life as a child and more importantly to essential roots of architecture and why we need it in modern times. As my first interview and my first time having an article of published on a magazine,  I  realize how much I enjoy connecting with people who share my philosophy and points of view. It is the same feeling of working with a client when we both like ideas, discussing them.This integral work makes an awesome project born.

I hope you enjoy this article, and invite you to read the whole magazine. Loved their graphic design and the content just make me pride of Latin America.If you want to listen to my interview click here!


Summer time is here! It’s the perfect moment to start building a home. Right now I am very close to be inspecting the construction process for two of my projects: one small apartment building in Heredia and a restaurant in Samara Beach.

But this nice weather also reminds me Costa Rica has an opposite weather condition: heavy rains. During summer time we are excited getting ready to build our dreams and we don’t usually think about designing and protecting our homes from what may put in danger our structures.

I cannot forget those huge amounts of rain over and homes and buildings from last year. We experienced all those landslides all over our roads and I cannot help but write about a few good architectural and landscape design tips regarding “waterproofing” home building.

Know the soil conditions


Soil test tools

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Many people like you, who want an affordable  home in the tropics, have asked questions about concrete walls but also wonder about drywall systems…are they safe? Are they strong enough to resist high impact loads, rain, sun and moisture?
Let me tell you that the answer is yes: the use of drywalls with plasterboards or fiber cement boards as internal and sometimes external walls, is gaining popularity among private residential projects. If used correctly it can provide a risk free solid construction.

Lamina verde installed on exterior ceilings

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Columns already located according to plan, view from north east

Hello followers! Here we are at another work week. This time I am going to tell you how to save time and money when you’re building a house. Time is money some might say…

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Hello everyone from beautiful Costa Rica! Here we are on our second week of work, full with advances. This post in particular might interest you, since we are going to talk about the particular situation with foundations we encountered this week.

Clay like soil type over hummus layer (darker one)

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