When it comes to re-thinking the world we live in, and specially after realizing how abundant Costa Rica is ( no wonder it translates to Rich Coast in English) I can’t help but put my efforts into a realm that completely blows my mind, besides architecture and spirituality:  healthy living.
In collaboration with Andres Serpa architect, our philanthropic work  focused on reminding costaricans how to eat healthy food and helping the University for Peace from United Nations imagine the Upeace of the future. We  want to be game changers so we feel the need to spread the word and share our knowledge about how healthy eating habits can transform individual’s consciousness therefore the World’s future.
Run like a “Soda” ( costarican family owned small and casual restaurants) while offering people  veggie tacos that you can finish topping them  by picking your ingredients directly from the green wall encourages locals to enjoy eating veggies. Making it fun and appealing to the eye , and making people touch and even making them feel like they are “harvesting”what they are about to eat , the process transforms the an individual perceives food by creating new neurotransmission networks in the brain: veggies=fun.


The Tropical Modern Healthy Kiosk at Upeace, Ciudad Colon Costa Rica

Re-utilizing wood remains in tropical modern architecture for the walls let cross ventilation happen


Interior view of the green wall where it is possible to pick your taco’s ingredients





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  1. We fell in love with Costa Rica in 2010 and bought property and hoped to begin the building process right away. Not an easy thing do to in Costa Rica, until we found Gloriana. On a whim, I sent her an email late one night and she responded right away.

    Many things have changed since we first contacted Gloriana…

    She worked with us on a design for well over a year until we finally came up with a complicated design that is sort of “green” and meets all our wants and needs, except — we changed our minds about where we wanted to build — no problem, by then Gloriana knew us so well that when we asked her to look at properties that I had found on the internet to see if we could build “our design” on, she said of course she would. (Gloriana is committed to her clients no matter how hard they may be to please or how many times they change their mind.)

    In January of this year, we closed on one of the properties that Gloriana had checked out for us in Uvita. She is now working with our builder and the municipality and we have complete confidence that our house will be built to our specifications.

    We are in the beginning phases of construction, and if all goes well our house will be finished somewhere around February of 2015. It’s good to know that Gloriana will be overseeing and looking out for our best interest. Hopefully, Gloriana will post photos of the many stages of our construction.

    Nikki and Steven Singer – Connecticut

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