Construction Progress in Puerto Viejo, Limon

My client Peter  from New York,  decided to follow the construction process of his home I designed. He changed the cold and snow for tropical weather and grilled fish, while involving directly during all construction stages. Unless you hire professional assistance with proven experience, it makes it easier for architectural inspectors like me to keep track of everything that goes on at all times.That makes  this process a more open and clear one for all parts of the team. Construction can be complex, specially in such a place like Puerto Viejo, where culture, distance and construction methods represent a challenge to whoever that’s not a local.

IMG_1612 Building in Puerto Viejo: living room view from terrace with metal truss to achieve longer column spans.

IMG_1402 IMG_1521 IMG_1533  It’s been 3 months of construction so far, and we already have a roof, with a nice overhang of course, to protect Peter and wife from those heavy rains. Concrete blocks provide a fast building process since local man power is experienced with it, and man power is a critical point in the area. All this concrete will be “smoothed “by the use of local wood Kasha, the hardest wood in the area, with beautiful yellow tones.


Tropical Architecture needs natural light and cross ventilation in Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica


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