Decisions decisions…a balance between functionality and aesthetics

Very eye catching, simplistic and elegant proposal

Option 1 White Tpo fascia



Option 2 copper fascia


Option 3 aged aluminum fascia

So in the tropics, you must be cautious with the aesthetics you want for your project. As my clients Oumi and Urs from Switzerland said, “we are not in Ibiza, we are in Costa Rica” .That means that you may want to select materials that are low maintenance and colors that blend with Nature. Of course we all loved the first option but it is up to the client to decide which strategies benefit both their pockets and needs. I will provide all the elevations options and will guide you to take the decision that best suits you.

In this case Figure 1 features white TPO on fascias and grey colour acrylic stucco on walls. The overhangs are protecting the walls, however, the location of this house is a very humid and hot location. Despite the house is designed off the ground, you would need to clean the fascias every 3 months.


Figure 2 showcases an option with a copper fascia. This option was not viable due to budget and client’s personal taste.


Figure 3 finally features an aged aluminum fascia.

aged aluminium

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