What can we learn from this humble bathroom?

2015-03-28 08.44.06While traveling all around Costa Rica following my client’s special sites for building their homes in the tropics, I can’t help but to learn from vernacular architecture. In few words, what people do for themselves based on the empirical process.

This bathroom in San Gerardo de Dota, beautiful place by the way, called my attention because of a series of things: sustainable use of materials ( local harvested wood) great ventilation on the back, exposed pipes and ceiling ( simplicity) and it even has a plant that decorates the room! Oh let’s not forget about that NY city poster on the back, behind it, ventilation louvers. But my point here is basically about light, and how the walls  filter the right amount of natural light into the room in such an informal way, but still so elegant. I love the light lines on the floor and how light evokes different feelings in us.Natural light is not only healthy, but you avoid turning on the light bulb that generates unnecessary electricity expenses. Now think, what would happen if we lived in a world where you don’t need any kind of artificial lights during the day? What if I tell you that this possible in Costa Rica?

In order to scientifically proof my philosophy, me and my team usually run an architectural 3d model on different computer programs such as Eco Tect, in order to take control of natural light and how it will impact a user. When you are building your home in the tropics, I suggest to plan ahead in terms of sun radiation, shade, local breezes, daylight and temperature control. Light being discussed here will tune our bodies into our natural cyrcadian rythms, giving us back harmony and health.

daylight analysis tropical contemporary architect in costa rica

Daylight analysis for a house in Chirripo surroundings

This image is telling us that we need to adjust the facade and openings in order to balance the right amount of daylight. Basically we need to have the whole house on red colors, rather than yellow or blue. Yellow means we have too much light incidence, and blue means we have little light coming into the room.

Results coming soon! Girls at work!

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