Urban Oasis: 2 ways of building healthy environments for a yoga instructor in San Jose

My friend Pagsi wants to build 2 apartments, 2 bedroom each in a 300 sm lot in Santa Ana area. This is a populated zone where the opportunity for rental income is high, so building her own loft and having an additional one to rent is just a great idea of a stress free life for a yoguini.

Tropical Contemporary Urban Oasis in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Tropical contemporary loft option in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

I offered Pagsi 2 options:

  • One level 102 square meter  per apartment project. Less expensive to build option featuring an internal garden in the core of the project that improves natural light and ventilation everywhere. Faster to build due to simple structure design. Master bedroom features direct access to garden and shojis to incorporate the area into the living room, allowing the feeling of a bigger space. Total area: 204 square meter, leaving a 37% of the lot for green areas.tropical contemporary floorplan 1Tropical contemporary solution for loft.jpgtropical contemporary interior in costa rica
  • Two level 118 square meter per apartment project. Takes longer to build and requires some extra steel beams for heavier loads, features wider and longer spaces suitable for multi-use spaces such as a living room that can be turned into a yoga room. Master bedroom features french balcony that open into a double height open area. Leaves room of 50% of the lot for green area.tropical contemporary floorplan 2Tropical contemporary interior in santa ana, costa ricaTropical Modern Oasis in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Which option would yo go for?

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