John and I would love to know your opinion

I am working on this tropical modern project, and the owner and I would like to hear about your opinion on colors. Which one you like the best? White metal facade? Silver metal facade? or slate gray facade? Please fill the form below.

Silver Option

Slate gray option

White option

The material in discussion is a lightweight cladding system specially designed for facades , it´s composed of steel and an insulating polyurethane core. It will provide the best protection against sun and rain incidence. Since this house has no eaves, the selection of the correct material for the walls is key. The HOD panel is  3.5 ctms depth, 1,15 meters wide and up to 12 meters long, it’s imported by Construtec. They were very helpful in the selection process.

Slate Gray



  1. Debra said:

    Sorry this way to be a comment not a reply.

    Consider your colour choice wisely. I lived in Costa Rica for some time but have not been there since 2001. I imagine the rain is still the same. In what part of Costa Rica are you located? Do the trees behind the house shed plenty of debris? Maybe not white because of dirt and rain debris; my humble opinion. The dark may be too dark with the colours of the actual environment. I would go with the silver or mid colour. I would plant heliconias. My personal favourite. I would also plant avocados and papayas as well as mangos for fruit. It is amazing to walk outside of your home and pick these fresh from the tree. Use the bright colour of fushia bouganvillia in a climbng garden to add colour and brightness to the fascade

    • Hi Debra, this is Escazu in the Central Valley. It still rains but seasons have changed a lot due to global warming. behind the house there will be a ntural retainig wall with a water collector that directs rainwater and others from the upper back side of the house, into the main water harvesting system. The idea is to avoid any kind of erosion. I like heliconias too, we were thinking of them for accents. There’s another project in Samara which has a see through bridge with heliconias underneath. Thanks for your opinion!

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