What kind of project you get for 60k on construction materials?

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This tropical modern project features 4 units each with 1 bedroom, specially designed to rent to a very specific user: single persons and students. My client specifically ensured does not want to deal with families or children. We are on a $440 per squared meter cost. That’s why this design features zinc exterior walls on north and south facades, to reduce costs, and because of the small lot we are working on. On the other hand, east and west facades have operable windows every  to let natural air and light to come into all the apartments, crosses ventilation concept applied here. This will help to reduce the electricity bill. Landscape design is crucial, because the project is a downslope building. Nature will be the user’s view from everywhere in the apartment. This is a great example of a steel frame building design. Finishes are polished concrete floors, concrete built in counter, low cost accessories, minimum use of doors.Construction starting on march 2011.

Note: 60k does not include earth movement and retaining wall. Spending 60K is possible on a flat lot.

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  1. jon said:

    How many square ft is each unit, do you know what a rental of that size would cost. Trying to figure how long it would take to recoup . How do you charge for your design work and do you work with the builder thru completion .

    Jon Reich

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