Sustainable practices for landscape design: designing a kitchen garden!

Rain Garden Success!

Image by Beau Owens Photography via Flickr

Hello hello to all of you readers! Here we are , at a great stage of the construction of this tropical modern house to define landscape, so we can start getting together all that scattered hummus left from the excavation work.

What I plan to do, is to generate small slopes on the lot’s perimeterers generating curves and ondulations that will make us perceive a bigger space. This lot is about 500 squared meters (2 152 squared feet) , kind of small so I intend to work with perception and with plants.
The main area will hold a kitchen garden, also following these curves. This big curved backing will make us feel enclosed. This backing will be defined by different tropical vines that will give us the sensation that a forest is on the back, tricking the eye, and give us the feeling that a big space awaits on the back of the vines.
A fountain, in the center, can collect some rain water and redistribute it to the small plants that need to grow, like lettuce, tomato,cilantro and whatever Cristian, the owner wants to grow.
We also rounded our septic tank with tropical plants that tend to absorb a lot of water. We are directing all rainwater that is not collected by the roofs, into the rain gardens in the back by giving our land a little bit of slope down to the south perimeter of the lot, following the natural slope of the surrounding neighbourhood.
I also suggested my client to build a retaining wall made out of old tires…cool!







The suggested plants for each kind of group plants goes like this:

Bigger tress: platanillo, mano de tigre, lemon trees, mango trees, mandarina trees, or whatever tropical fruit tree of your choice.

Flowers: chinas ( they grow as easy as  grass, no maintenance)

Vines: Churristate

Mano de tigre


Small trees: azahar de montana, garrobo, mano de tigre, philodendron, tiquisque.

Banana plant.

If you would like to know more about landscape design, don’t hesitate on contacting me. I’d gladly help you out with your inquiries.

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