More on passive design strategies… Compact floorplan

As far as possible, vertical construction should be encouraged. Try to roof and pave the smallest possible area. One of the main causes of climate change,floods, erosion,accumulation of debris in the beds of rivers, dying aquifers and  accumulation of phosphates in our soils, is the excessive hardscape  and size of the buildings.
The more surface roofing area, the more reflected heat goes into the atmosphere.
Try to use compact floor plans for your designs. Stack up your program.Use less hardscape ( paved roads, accesses) and more landscape ( rain gardens, trees, open grid pavers, trellises).
Let’s make our contribution on saving Planet Earth!
If you cannot use stairs, for sure you can use ramps. They can be elevated,built on expanded metal,  and you could see through plants located underneath the walkway. This is something you could have at your beach home Harrington ….

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