Sustainable practices for landscape design: vegetated swales

Vegetated swales or biofilters are constructed open-channel drainageways used to convey stormwater runoff. Vegetated swales are often used as an alternative to, or an enhancement of, traditional storm sewer pipes. They do not pond water for a long period of time and induce infiltration. Vegetated swales generally have a trapezoidal or parabolic shape with relatively flat side slopes. Individual vegetated swales generally treat small drainage areas.
Rain gardens are at times confused with bioswales. Swales slope to a destination, while rain gardens do not; however, a bioswale may end with a rain garden. Drainage ditches may be handled like bioswales and even include rain gardens in series, saving time and money on maintenance. 
Vegetated swales can be used as an environmentally sensitive alternative to conventional storm sewers in common areas of residential subdivisions and along large property boundaries.
I would rather prefer to see more plants, than a concrete esplanade generating more heat into the atmosphere. I suggest developers to stop thinking always about money, and start thinking on high quality spaces. We costaricans deserve it!

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