Visit to Jacó area, Central Pacific, Costa Rica

As I continue seeing the lack of urban planning and real care on social, cultural, and ecological subjects by the local government of Jacó area, I still believe I can contribute to a more honest tropical architecture. A good start is that my potential clients, believe in not having AC on the project. The lots visited actually have great constant breeze coming from the ocean at day, and coming from the mountain at night. And this is actually a very important step to follow, since this will eventually be one of the most important factors that will define a preliminary concept for a home. It will actually define the whole architecture itself !
I will be able to incorporate the crossed ventilation concept, internal air flow studies to cool down the house, air chimneys, internal water features, internal landscape….

This passive design strategy will help me pursue a real costarican tropical modern architecture, inspired on local antique construction ideas that worked really well before all this industrial and technological era began to ruin our country.
Wouldn’t you love a naturally ventilated home? Here in Costa Rica, in most areas we are very fortunate to have constant breeze. It’s a matter on knowing how to catch it! This also depends on the correct orientation of the building, and using the correct landscape strategies too.

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