Permits Done! Now…construction coming 2 months

I can’t wait for us, my client and me, to touch ground on this project. He have had such a flowed design phase, that we expect construction to be the same.
At first, we were just starting to know each other. Now we have such a great relationship, that it makes it easier for me to work with Cristian. It’s amazing, but when hiring an architect you wouldn’t believe how personal it can turn out…
As I was listening to Cristian’s  specific ideas, I started to lay out some initial lines in my head.
When I showed him my sketches, he didn’t agree at first on the proposal. So we started to mix our ideas together, and the result was fantastic. We were both satisfied!
We ended up with a compact home. We didn’t want to have a big footprint on the lot, and the Earth too. We chose to have  big eaves for rain and sun protection, and the house is elevated 45 ctms from the ground, to allow ventilation from below and avoid earth stuffings because of the poor terrain composition. We are actually achieving some savings here on additional materials, and we are applying on of the basic passive strategies of our local communities: elevating the house from the ground.
Now, we are counting on ” Zacarias” ( our builder) to be part of our team, and to follow our energy…we are going deeper on CD’s, budget, construction program, interior design details….also working hard on wood ( cedar) details for the kitchen, furniture, stairs, bathroom and benches.

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